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LRS Podcast 005: Part 3 - Luciferian Magick Lesson 1 - Wish Fulfillment

itunes pic Jeremy Crow explains a method of making the universe conform to your Will using the occult arts and sciences. This is based on Left Hand Path philosophies and techniques used in The Secret, Chaos Magik and Creative Visualization. Live beat manipulations by ptp.

LRS Podcast 005: Part 2 - Update on the LHP Convention 2012

itunes pic Jeremy Crow discusses the intention behind the convention being held on the first weekend of August 2012 in Toronto, Canada. Also each of the main events is discussed including some of the performers, artists, speakers and musicians that are being featured. Details on how much tickets are for each event and how to purchase them.

LRS Podcast 005: LHP Convention 2012 & Sex Magick

itunes pic
Jeremy Crow gives some details regarding the upcoming International Left Hand Path Convention of 2012 to be held in Toronto, Ontario Canada. An introduction to Sex Magick is given. Features the song Love Spell by Pleasure The Priestess.

LRS Podcast 004: Tarot

itunes pic
Jeremy Crow explores the fundamental aspects of the Tarot and performs three readings. More contributions from the LRS membership and also featuring new music by 'Ro The Knife', 'Compella' and 'Pleasure The Priestess'.

LRS Podcast 003: Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

itunes pic
Jeremy Crow talks about the nature of lucid dreaming, including various dreamwork techniques and experiences. Special guest interview with author Edward O'Toole. More highlights from LRS members and also featuring music by 'Popeye-X' and 'Matt Carty'.

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Lucifer is not "the light".

I find it quite amusing to listen to individuals who claim to be independent of the herd but…See More
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The Luciferian Research Society exists in order to provide an atmosphere of co-operation among "Left Hand Path" occultists and to encourage the application of Luciferian principles toward accomplishing real world projects.


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    The LRS is anarchical in nature, meaning there is no hierarchy and there are no titles. While there are moderators and a site owner, these are administrative responsibilities and are not to be utilized as titles. To borrow a term from Freemasonry, LRS members meet "on the level." If you are interested in taking on a leadership role, the only genuine way to distinguish yourself is through your actions on the LRS and in the outside world. Remember, this community exists primarily to encourage real world projects.


    The LRS is not a Magickal Order nor is it officially associated with any particular Orders. The LRS encourages all Left Hand Path groups and Orders to create a Discussion Group within the LRS in order to discuss such things as their magickal path, philosophy and ongoing projects. These discussion groups can be set as public or can be made private for group members only.

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    A challenge to the idea of self deification

    Started by Nicole in "The War Room". Last reply by Nicole 5 minutes ago. 16 Replies

    Mankind has a long history of people announcing themselves as spiritual and philosophical leaders, hoping to be like Hermes, they all want to be a great messenger of the "gods", or of knowledge, or enlightenment. But, over and over throughout history these great proclamations have been flawed at their very cores. People gain half-truths and then call out victoriously to any ears that will hear that they alone hold the keys to understanding.To the many who believe themselves to be gods, I have…Continue

    Lucifer is not "the light".

    Started by UnGod in "The War Room". Last reply by Teddy Kimotho 3 hours ago. 1 Reply

    I find it quite amusing to listen to individuals who claim to be independent of the herd but completely swallow what the many have told them to believe. No false idea is so prevalent among those who claim to be Luciferian than the idea that Lucifer is the Light. Indeed, every book you open or documentary you play or speech you listen to by a person walking the left will profess this as truth, but where is the proof? It comes from the the hand-outs given freely by the same pack of people that…Continue

    Embrace the darkness in the Left Hand Path

    Started by AlexJ in Online Community Help Centre. Last reply by Josh Hershberger Dec 8. 10 Replies

    If anyone ever thought that walking the Left Hand Path was a journey in sunlight and happy summer, they are wrong.  The LHP is a walk into gloomy twilight darkness.  Only in the darkness is found wisdom and the creative primal powers upon which all things emerge into light.  It is no accident that in the stories of the Egyptian sun god, that he is a rather passive onlooker in the struggle between the active forces of chaos and order when he travels in his boat into the underworld each night,…Continue

    Aleister Crowley Sauerkraut

    Started by Tasha in Introductions and Off-Topic Discussion. Last reply by Tasha Dec 7. 3 Replies

    The idea is bloody brilliant so I have to share. My friend is making homemade sauerkraut with personally designed Crowley labels, all shipping by Xmas-Eve as soon as the kickstarter is funded. I figured this would tickle the funny bone of this community.…Continue

    Tags: holidays, thelema, sauerkraut, crowley, aleister

    North & South Carolina

    Started by Draconian Mage in Local Events and Meet-Ups. Last reply by Rudolf Dickert Dec 5. 5 Replies

    Greetings,Are there any members who are residents of North or South Carolina, specifically the Piedmont region, that would be interested in forming a social group for discussion of the LHP?Best,LucienContinue

    Tags: Carolina, South, Luciferian, Draconian, North


    Started by L. Dwayne Decker in Introductions and Off-Topic Discussion. Last reply by Amethyst Samia Dec 5. 1 Reply

    Greetings, all!  Thank you for allowing me to join this Group!  I have been dealing with Chaos Magics for some time now - I've been walking the Shamanic Path since age-10.  I have just recently been introduced to Luciferian-thought and the Left-Handed Path.  I feel quite assured that this is something that will be beneficial to my overall spiritual outlook.  So, I am looking forward to joining in the chats and discussions forums.   Namaste & Blessed Be!   )O(Continue

    Sex and Magic(k), my general perspective

    Started by Angel Chivo Prieto in "The War Room" Nov 30. 0 Replies

    Sexuality is a natural thing as birth, death or eating, which means, reproduction and death always go together and there is no reason to hide it. The trend of sexual concept depends on the culture that created this observation where arise all sexual thoughts of the time; in a matriarchal culture, it is clear that there is a greater degree of permissiveness that the woman represents the mother earth and nature, which makes sexuality more normal. The most patriarchal or "aggressive" cultures…Continue

    Tags: pharaoh, christianity, freedom, egypts, will

    Strife, the first principle of life

    Started by AlexJ in Online Community Help Centre. Last reply by Odium Nov 30. 7 Replies

    In the philosophy of Heraclitus strife is the first principle.  Heraclitus says "strife is justice" where justice means "becoming" so that through strife all things come to exist, change and move.  Arche in the ancient Greek means first principle, that which underpins a thing making it what it is.  Strife is the arche which underpins everything in nature. Some people suggest strife is evil, associated with Satan, since such things that are warlike such as storm, earthquake and human wars create…Continue

    Where Are The Left Hand Path Cathedrals?

    Started by Jeremy Crow in Online Community Help Centre. Last reply by Edward Kodai Nov 21. 59 Replies

    When I look at the various Christian Churches and individual congregations I notice that they usually have a building. Even tiny evangelical churches that cater almost exclusively to homeless people at least have a space in a strip mall or a storefront unit. On top of this you have all these programs sending missionaries overseas, setting up chapels and schools in third world countries.What is stopping us from setting up local meeting spaces for LHP occultists? Are there just not enough of us?…Continue

    Planetary Magick

    Started by Teddy Kimotho in "The War Room" Nov 19. 0 Replies

    Almanac and the divisions for planetary hours.10,12 of the 7 planets,calculations using the Chaldean order accordingly as a duration of a day's daylight and darkness, on accuracy for full chart elections and trade offs for…Continue

    Tags: theory, astronomy, electionalastrology, astrology, Planetarytime



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