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LaVey on Satanism

"           Hahahah...yes very entertaining indeed yet very insightful…"
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" Hits like a fuckin cement truck."
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" funny how the devil is the only 1 to offer him a way out to. "
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Joel Osteen

I'm typing this in the kitchen. My sister is listening to Joel Osteen giving his version of "you…See More
12 hours ago


The Luciferian Research Society exists in order to provide an atmosphere of co-operation among "Left Hand Path" occultists and to encourage the application of Luciferian principles toward accomplishing real world projects.


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    The LRS is anarchical in nature, meaning there is no hierarchy and there are no titles. While there are moderators and a site owner, these are administrative responsibilities and are not to be utilized as titles. To borrow a term from Freemasonry, LRS members meet "on the level." If you are interested in taking on a leadership role, the only genuine way to distinguish yourself is through your actions on the LRS and in the outside world. Remember, this community exists primarily to encourage real world projects.


    The LRS is not a Magickal Order nor is it officially associated with any particular Orders. The LRS encourages all Left Hand Path groups and Orders to create a Discussion Group within the LRS in order to discuss such things as their magickal path, philosophy and ongoing projects. These discussion groups can be set as public or can be made private for group members only.

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    Suggested Support Levels are related to the minimum costs associated with running the primary LRS hub site on the Ning backbone. There are other expenses not accounted for in these suggestions, most notably the LRS podcast which costs an additional $10 per month. Anything you can contribute will help a lot! Thank you!

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    Joel Osteen

    Started by Lucis Ferre in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Eric 8 hours ago. 1 Reply

    I'm typing this in the kitchen. My sister is listening to Joel Osteen giving his version of "you didn't build that" and the "evils" of pride and the "need" to "humble yourself".I fucking hate that shithead.He just finished a diatribe on how god "blessed" Job. Somehow he forgot to mention that god chose to fuck with Job because he was the one person on earth who least deserved it......and to impress the devil by how much of a sniveling sack of shit Job could be in response to completly unbridled…Continue

    MD,VA,DC, and Pennsylvania???

    Started by Daemon Diabolus in Promote your events. Last reply by Lou S. Pareer yesterday. 4 Replies

    Anyone in or near the area?Continue

    Why the individual becomes LHP or RHP

    Started by AlexJ in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Nick Spade on Saturday. 58 Replies

    IntroductionI answer the question, why an individual becomes either LHP or RHP.LHP individuals are born never madeIt is my belief that LHP individuals are born never made.  I believe genetics predisposes the individual to the LHP or RHP outlook.  The two key qualities of the LHP individual is their retention of their will and individuality against the conformist patterns of society; the RHP individual happily sacrifices their will and individuality to the the oblivion of the group mind. Even if…Continue

    Real Magic in the Real World

    Started by Lucis Ferre in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Eric on Saturday. 14 Replies

    Grimoire means grammar through french alteration. Likewise, 'spell' as in to cast a spell, means to literally SPELL. Glamor or glamour means to be alluring, but the word itself is also a variation of grammar. The most powerful force in the universe is language. Here's a video of a philosopher anarchist, Stefan Molyneux from Canada. He's not "right wing" but he does appear to be right wing to those in the far left of the political spectrum. (who doesn't?)He's not LHP, not a Luciferian or…Continue

    Left Hand Path and the Modern Intellectual

    Started by Dave Pellani in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Eric Aug 25. 30 Replies

    Even though I agree with a point Lily P Valentina made today, as I have always seen a great deal of relevancy in LaVeyan Satanist thought, that has been a part of my path. However, the ideals of LHP "scholars", whomever they may be, their scholarly status does not compel me to buy into their dogma .And there is plenty of it. Nothing like one's own experience, as I am sure you are well are of.Especially Crowley, the difference between Anton LaVey is that I thought Crowley was plain fucking…Continue

    Oaths of Secrecy - Obsolete?

    Started by Jeremy Crow in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Lucis Ferre Aug 24. 86 Replies

    What are everyone's thoughts on oaths of secrecy? Are they still useful or are they obsolete? Are people actually keeping their oaths? What about once the material has become publically available? You get the absurd situation that the average individual has access to the material and can freely discuss it, yet the initiate cannot. Anyone ever hear of people using non-disclosure agreements instead of oaths of secrecy?

    Tags: secrecy, oaths

    I'm creating a dark fantasy universe from the ground up...

    Started by Shy in Discuss your personal projects. Last reply by Lucius N Vox Aug 23. 2 Replies

    ... and incorporating Luciferian, LHP and Anti-Cosmic themes throughout. Talk about playing God, eh?I've been up until three o'clock in the morning the past two nights and up again at a bullshit hour laying down the basic reference work and foundations, which has been punishing, to say the least.At this point, I've got a basic dictionary of words in the primeval tongue and their broader definitions, notes on pronunciation of words in said language, an entire family tree of deities with a…Continue

    Publishing Luciferian material.

    Started by Priscilla Vogelbacher in Discuss your personal projects. Last reply by Lucis Ferre Aug 22. 10 Replies

    I have written an extremely important book I believe the world needs to read. I have sent the query below to many literary agents, agencies and publishers over the past 7 months and have not received a response as of yet, only a few rejections. (Note: each query is personalized, not as "Agent"; the title of the book is sent as well but left out here) I would like to know what you all think and if you have any resources or suggestions for me I would appreciate it. Dear [Agent],What if I told you…Continue

    Tags: religion, publishing, letter, myth, mythology


    Started by Nick Spade in Introductions and Off-Topic Discussion. Last reply by Nick Spade Aug 21. 2 Replies

    I'm glad to be here and look forward to some interesting discussions.Continue

    looking for your thoughts on the MBTI

    Started by daedalus in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Lucis Ferre Aug 20. 20 Replies

    Anybody here a fan of the meyers briggs test? What do you usually get? Do you find it's acurate in your individual case?




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