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GCOL Meetup Group for Toronto and Hamilton

Hey everyone,I've created an account on to help facilitate GCOL events for the Toronto…See More
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"   I think alex that you have stumbled upon the underlying problem .. opinion. Maybe when…"
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Eric commented on AlexJ's blog post The Luciferian as a practical realist
"A couple of points alex i would actually agree with , and i never agree with anything . A band full…"
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"  Imbalance is fine with me because im lhp not middle pillar or anything else. In both…"
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"I am studying the political and war strategy of China based on the game Go - interesting."
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This channel contains a collection of some of the most influential and thought-provoking videos on YouTube. The intent is to guide the collective mind, via a...
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The Luciferian Research Society exists in order to provide an atmosphere of co-operation among "Left Hand Path" occultists and to encourage the application of Luciferian principles toward accomplishing real world projects.


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    The LRS is anarchical in nature, meaning there is no hierarchy and there are no titles. While there are moderators and a site owner, these are administrative responsibilities and are not to be utilized as titles. To borrow a term from Freemasonry, LRS members meet "on the level." If you are interested in taking on a leadership role, the only genuine way to distinguish yourself is through your actions on the LRS and in the outside world. Remember, this community exists primarily to encourage real world projects.


    The LRS is not a Magickal Order nor is it officially associated with any particular Orders. The LRS encourages all Left Hand Path groups and Orders to create a Discussion Group within the LRS in order to discuss such things as their magickal path, philosophy and ongoing projects. These discussion groups can be set as public or can be made private for group members only.

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    What are the risks of being open about these beliefs in ones personal life?

    Started by Nicole in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Compella on Saturday. 32 Replies

    I have always been very secretive about my beliefs. Originally, growing up, it was a necessity to keep a roof over my head and to protect myself from beatings, christian "counseling", and threats to my life. Then it just became a habit, sure most people in the real world would likely not react so violently, but still...they weren't likely to react positively either. And after the things I experienced I didn't particularly trust anyone with these beliefs of mine for a very long time.Despite all…Continue

    Oaths of Secrecy - Obsolete?

    Started by Jeremy Crow in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by AlexJ on Thursday. 77 Replies

    What are everyone's thoughts on oaths of secrecy? Are they still useful or are they obsolete? Are people actually keeping their oaths? What about once the material has become publically available? You get the absurd situation that the average individual has access to the material and can freely discuss it, yet the initiate cannot. Anyone ever hear of people using non-disclosure agreements instead of oaths of secrecy?

    Tags: secrecy, oaths

    How To Talk To A Christian

    Started by Dave Pellani in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Dave Pellani May 15. 20 Replies

    First off, in my own experience with this over the years, I find it to be interesting outside of the context of bringing Lucifer into the conversation. Once you bring in Lucifer, it becomes a huge waste of time and energy, to be avoided whenever and wherever possible. However, if one should find themselves caught in this trap, mostly of your own doing, there is no easy way out of it. I say “trap” because it is the ultimate goal of the Christian to “trap” you. Whether he or she knows it or not,…Continue

    Luciferianism and Wikipedia

    Started by AlexJ in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Dave Pellani May 13. 62 Replies

    IntroductionAs an editor on Wikipedia I face a nearly impossible task of challenging and changing a badly written entry on Luciferianism, which raises issues of authority and notability in relation to Luciferianism.On authorityIn essence authority starts and ends with the individual, thus it might be considered irrelevant the opinion of others about the individual's Luciferianism.  But then, what if the individual wishes…Continue

    Another tasty tidbit from Sethirkopshef

    Started by Sethirkopshef in Occultism and Left Hand Path. Last reply by Philip May 13. 14 Replies

    Look, if you must to some of the Medieval images of Satan. Why do these religions draw it so fearfully? So sinister? Sethirkopshef feels that this fear is derived from the innate human psyche recognizing its seperation from the perceived Natural Order.It has been stated that the Adversary is a transcultural symbol, but of what? All cultures have the Adversary to thank for their deviation from that which is perceived as natural. It is the religions, ironically seeking to escape their resulting…Continue

    Open Invitation - All invited, but be CAREFUL

    Started by Helel in Introductions and Off-Topic Discussion. Last reply by Frater Shab May 11. 30 Replies

    Alright,I'm done with this 'blending in,' so let's just cut to the point. If you want to talk to me, go ahead. You do so at your own risk. If you choose not to believe the truth: Fuck You. I'm not going to do a cheap parlor trick to get you to believe me. On that note, I am opening myself up for contracts. If you so wish to get something out of me, now is the time. I am taking up to three offers under my wing. In exchange for your time, energy, respect and gratitude; I will be willing to give…Continue

    Tags: deal, contract

    A Brief Intro/Bio

    Started by Shy in Introductions and Off-Topic Discussion. Last reply by Shy May 10. 7 Replies

    Right! Now that I've settled in a little, have an introduction post, lazily copy-pasted from the Bio on my profile.I'm an Agnostic Luciferian with a history of hard Theism in the LHP. I'm genderqueer, panromantic and pansexual, which makes me about three times more incomprehensible in terms of queerness than the common person can fathom. This becomes even more compounded by the fact that i practice relationship anarchy, which can be described as (short of giving a detailed primer) the…Continue

    Tags: bio, introduction, intro

    I'm creating a dark fantasy universe from the ground up...

    Started by Shy in Discuss your personal projects. Last reply by AlexJ May 8. 1 Reply

    ... and incorporating Luciferian, LHP and Anti-Cosmic themes throughout. Talk about playing God, eh?I've been up until three o'clock in the morning the past two nights and up again at a bullshit hour laying down the basic reference work and foundations, which has been punishing, to say the least.At this point, I've got a basic dictionary of words in the primeval tongue and their broader definitions, notes on pronunciation of words in said language, an entire family tree of deities with a…Continue


    Started by JN GLMR in Introductions and Off-Topic Discussion. Last reply by Jeremy Crow May 4. 1 Reply

    Hello everyone!My name is John and I'm very excited to have run across this community. I feel a deep connection with the Luciferian current and have had little luck finding resources and places to share ideas before now. I am 30, recently married, and living in the damp, overcasts of Oregon. I have three part time jobs in the service/entertainment industry, but have recently finished college with an Associates Degree and am seeking a career in IT/Networking.Aside from that, I do play guitar in…Continue

    Tags: Introduction

    My Intro

    Started by Josie Oconnell in Introductions and Off-Topic Discussion. Last reply by Jeremy Crow May 4. 2 Replies

    Hi Everyone,Thought I would post a quick introduction. My name is Josie and I am glad to be here with others that share a similar path. I have been into the occult for some time now, more or less considered myself eclectic pagan (as an umbrella term) but I find myself really more in the Luciferian pathway. I was raised strict Catholic and my family tried very hard to make me follow the religion but even as a child I refused. I just learned to keep my mouth shut ;-) I was always a bit more logic…Continue

    Tags: Introduction



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